Monday, December 22, 2008

IPB-International Program

To sustain competitiveness in teaching, research and out-reach programs, the IPB consistently seeks to improve and expand its international programs. The mission of international programs is to create, support, preserve, transmit, administer, coordinate, and advocate on behalf of learning programs and services that have a global dimension.

The Office of International Programs works directly with the faculty and students to support and facilitate international dimensions of teaching, research and services by: (1) Promoting International Education and Internship Programs; (2) Initiating and Managing International Projects with the Office of Development and Cooperation; (3) Maintaining and Facilitating International Networks through International Exchange and Participation in Collaborative Activities; (4) Providing Support and Services in the Negotiation and Implementation of International Cooperation; (5) Providing Support Services for International Training and Travel.

International Research Programs and Internships
Organic Agricultural Farming; Stabilization of Rain Forest Margins Area; Food Safety, Quality and Nutrition; Plant Biotechnology; Tropical Fruits and Vegetables; Integrated Pest Management; Engineering Applications in Tropical Agriculture; Primatology; Biomedicine. 


International Training Programs 

Biological Resources and Management; Tropical Biology; Third Country Training in Agricultural Engineering; Tropical Marine Ecology; Regional Training Programs on Entrepreneurship, Food and Nutrition Planning and Management.  


International Graduate Programs 

Food Science; Soil Science; Biology; Agricultural Engineering; Information Technology for Natural Resources.  


Regional Research Training - Sustainable Agriculture.  


University Research Parks 

Commercial Companies; Nata de Coco; Papaya; Palm Oil; Flour; Fish.  


Funding Links 

World Bank; Asian Development Bank; Ford Foundation; FAO; JICA; JSPS; OECF/JBIC; Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft; GTZ; Bundesministerium fur Bildung und Forschung; ASEAN Foundation; Lemelson Foundation.

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